The goal is to maximize your learners’ performance.

Our consultants can help you in a multitude of learning-related areas, from curriculum development and software decisions to project management and the creation of your own in-house learning team.

Adaptable Learning for Your Business Needs

Some of our consulting services include:

Needs Assessments/Gap Analysis

We can help you determine education and training needs and further define the most appropriate methods to tackle your learning challenges. We’ll do the legwork, and you can feel confident that your learning solutions truly address your business requirements.

Learning Management System (LMS)/Software Recommendations

We can help you select solutions that work for your business and/or organization. Take the guesswork out of the process and let us provide a comprehensive list of recommendations based on your education and training requirements. We’ll do the research and provide you with the knowledge you need to make strategic decisions.

Learning Solution Strategies

Keeping your goals in mind, our consultants will analyze your business requirements and present you with solutions that will address your learner’s needs. In addition, we can design, develop, and implement a custom learning solution for your company.

Curriculum Development

Our consultants can advise you on curriculum development or complete the task for you. We’ll ensure objectives, pedagogy, instruction, and delivery methods for guiding student learning are all part of your plan. We can help you organize, develop, and implement curricula to ensure your learners receive a full-spectrum of content and a consistent message.

Learning Team Creation and Management

If you’re ready to take the next step and incorporate an in-house learning team, we’re available to help you get started. We can assist with everything from hiring the right team to project management to helping you implement your entire education and training program.

Course Conversion

Do you need help converting your courses to a virtual platform? Do you need to migrate your legacy Flash courses to HMTL5? We’re here to help you make this transition a smooth one. Our consultants can work with your team to identify and implement your technology needs to ensure you’re choosing software and learning platforms that work for your business and your students.

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