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Rapid Course Conversion

It's easier than you may think

Need help converting your courses to a virtual platform? We’re here to help you make this transition a smooth one. Along with the many changes we’ve experienced during the pandemic, we’ve also changed the way we’re delivering courses to our target audience. TLC Media Design can help you transfer your course materials to a virtual platform rapidly.


Virtual Platform

TLC Media Design can assist with identifying and implementing your technology needs to ensure you’re choosing software and learning platforms that work for your business and your students.

You’ll also need help converting your curriculum and course materials to a virtual platform. We can work with your team to ensure you offer engaging, streamlined content and creating opportunities for the audience to participate in a true learning experience.

Legacy Flash Courses

Since Adobe has stopped supporting the Flash player, now is the time to give your courses a makeover and transfer them to HTML5. Don’t wait until your courseware loses functionality … let’s work together to create a plan that allows you to convert your assets and content strategically and quickly.

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Converting to a virtual platform can be smoother and easier than you may think!

We can assist you in any or all steps of the course conversion process.

Technology / Implementation

We can help you select the right technology/tools for your needs.


This includes: 

  • Learning and content management systems (LMS)
  • Web conferencing tools
  • Learning apps, learning software and more!

Curriculum Conversion​

We can help you transfer your course materials to a virtual platform.

Curriculum Conversion​

Conversion that is: 

  • Aligned with your educational/training goals
  • Implemented quickly
  • Engaging and effective

Flash to HTML5 Conversion​

We can help you convert your assets and content.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion​

Conversion that is: 

  • Rapidly transformed to a mobile-friendly format
  • Smoothly integrated


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