By focusing on the learner, we allow students to take control over their learning experience.

By following ISD principles, we ensure the learning actually takes place.

By considering learner preferences, we design courses that students want to take.

By empowering your learners, it will increase their performance and your results.


Want to create a learning culture that people can get excited about?

TLC MEDIA DESIGN, LLC, leverages a wide range of instructional techniques and approaches that target a fully enriched, interactive environment.


We’re big believers in incorporating effective assessments that truly measure and ensure “learning”.


We've worked with a diverse customer base. How can we help you?

TLC MEDIA DESIGN, LLC, offers original, inspiring, and effective learning solutions supporting the training and education initiatives of a diverse clientele.

Don’t settle for tired instructional approaches and subpar results; our substantial expertise in designing and developing quality learning deliverables in a variety of engaging, dynamic forms will net the bottom-line results your business needs and the rewarding learning experience your workforce culture wants.

Let us help you achieve maximum impact by implementing a program unique to your business. Let’s create a learning culture people can get excited about!

Scenario-based Learning

Effective. Innovative. Unique.

We can integrate business and role-specific scenarios and simulations in your courses to bring “real-life” experiences into the learning component … increasing both interest and retention.

Customized learning solutions for you.

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