Mastercard - Privacy and Data Protection

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Project Overview: We were contracted to convert a Flash-based course to an HTML5 SCORM-compliant format. Leveraging Adobe Captivate, JavaScript, HTML5, and Adobe Photoshop, we developed a new version of the course, compiled as SCORM for seamless implementation on the client's LMS.

Mastercard - Background Check Adjudication Guidelines Training

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Project Overview: Following the initial conversion project, we were commissioned to develop a new course for the client. Using Adobe Captivate, JavaScript, HTML5, and Adobe Photoshop, we created and compiled the course as a SCORM package for implementation on the client's LMS.

Defense Security Cooperation University - Navigating the Narrative Space

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Project Overview: This is an engaging eLearning course created for the Department of Defense's Defense Security Cooperation University. This is part of a 30-day blended course and provides students with an immersive learning experience that integrates decision-making, a 360 degree interactive environment, and intrinsic feedback. 

I worked with one SME who helped define the content for the course. I then created a simulation map that outlined the branching, navigation, and outcomes while working with the SME to ensure it accurately aligned to the course objectives I constructed. This was a 3-week project that included extensive video editing, 360 degree images, and various types of interactivity. For this course, we chose to use Adobe Captivate 2019 for the 360 degree and interactive video capabilities it provided. I also used Adobe Creative Suite to create and edit all the image assets needed for the course. This course has now been completed by several hundred students and 98% of the feedback received has been highly favorable.

Defense Security Cooperation University - Student Participation Guide

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Project Overview: This student participation guide was created using Articulate Rise 360. I worked with 3 SMEs to quickly determine what information we wanted to include in the guide based on the course content. I designed and developed the online guide within 3 days, integrated Beta feedback within a couple of hours, and we able to launch the guide immediately prior to the start of the first offering of this course. 

Defense Security Cooperation University - Diplomatic Dining Interactive Exercise

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Project Overview: I created an interactive exercise in Articulate Rise 360 which provides students a way to apply what they learned in the classroom prior to being tested on their knowledge. This also serves as a job aid they can utilize in the field after they are deployed and are required to attend formal dining events with foreign dignitaries, etc. I was able to extrapolate the information needed for the exercise from the live course content and create this without consulting an instructor or SME to ensure we could design, deliver, and implement this tool as quickly as possible. This was a 2-day project and has now been used by over 660 students since its launch.  

Air Force Institute of Technology - Pareto Analysis - Part I

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Project Overview: As the Project Manager and Lead Instructional Designer for this eLearning course, I led a team of four to create an interactive, multimedia-rich learning experience. The course features video content, custom graphics, audio narration, and realistic scenario-based interactivity. Our responsibilities encompassed content creation, storyboarding, video production, audio recording and editing, scenario-based photo shoots, extensive internal testing, and implementing necessary revisions. Originally planned as a 6-month project, we successfully condensed it to a 3-month timeline by utilizing rapid design and development processes, ensuring on-time delivery.

LexisNexis - Video Software Demo

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Project Overview: As a consultant for Lexis Nexis Law Schools team, I created and managed a YouTube Channel for the team. Law school students across the country have free access to the channel and watch videos in several playlists to teach them how to perform various tasks using the Lexis Advance software.

In addition, I worked directly with the Director of Marketing for the Law Schools team to gather needed information on the applicable subject areas. I then wrote the content and designed, developed, and maintained all the videos used on the YouTube channel. For this project I used Sony Vegas Video, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Media Encoder. The turnaround time for each video was approximately 5-7 days depending on the length.

The channel is still being used and has grown to over 7,500 subscribers.

Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health - Introduction to eCW

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Project Overview: This was a 6-month project involving various levels of efforts. TLC Media Design had 30 days to shadow and interview the system admin who was retiring to gather and document the needed information. The organization needed to provide online training for their entire department of health on using their new electronic medical records system. The training needed to be role-based based on departments and job tasks. In addition, the courses need to include relevant scenario-based exercises. I was the Project Manager and the Instructional Strategist. I also supplied a Learning Development Strategist for the project. 

We used Adobe Captivate, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Audition to create this learner-centric curriculum of courses on time and under budget by utilizing a rapid design and development approach. The training was successful and the organization was able to quickly train over 250+ employees with limited time away from their jobs.


State of California - Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors

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Project Overview: In this project, the client provided the course content. Utilizing Adobe Captivate and Adobe Creative Suite, we efficiently created the lessons and delivered SCORM packages for the client's LMS implementation.